As an independent third party, Inveo carries out the activity of certification in respect of the Pharmaceutical Industry Code Of Ethics with the aim of ensuring that the implemented system by the Body is in line with the requirements set forth in the Code.
The Certification is based on the respect of the Pharmaceutical Industry Code Of Ethics and represents the commitment of the pharmaceutical companies, as well as to comply with specifications of the present laws, to operate transparently and in accordance with the standards of conducts required in the performance of all company activities.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Code Of Ethics Defines The Following:

By February 28 of each year, member companies shall obtain and submit to the President of Farmindustria specific certification for the previous year, in relation to compliance with the procedures regarding marketing activities and scientific information. Such certification must be made by Bodies accredited by SINCERT (National System for the Accreditation of Certification Bodies) "

Regulation references

  • Legislative decree 24 April 2006 n. 219
  • Guideline certification procedures relating to the pharmaceutical drug representative activities.

The certificate issued by Inveo certifies that the company has fully complied with the current regulations in the fields of marketing and scientific information.